Is there any restrictions on broadcasting from this website?

If we find that the program you are broadcasting is harmful we will stop it as soon as we find out.

Can we broadcast live from this website?

Yes, Provided that you contact us in advance.

Should we come to your studio to broadcast live?

No, all you need is a good computer, an HD camera with high speed internet and also you should be online with us through

Can we feel free on speeches and programs we broadcast?

You will be responsible for the speeches and programs broadcast by you. is not responsible for the content of your broadcasting but if the quality of your broadcasting is pour we will mention it once and stop your broadcasting if the quality is not improved

I am in America and my friend is in Australia can I broadcast a conference with him

The system can broadcast up to 6 live programs at the same time no matter where the cameras are located provided that you are all connected with us through

How our viewers can ask questions while we are broadcasting

The system has it's own chat room whatever your viewers type evrybody around the world can see and respond. They can call the phone numbers provided.

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